#6 This way you arrange the property management of your home in Spain

In this podcast we tell you everything about the property management of a property in Spain. Peter Bechay, founder of the real estate brokerage, talks to real estate manager Louise de Haan about everything that is involved in the real estate management of a home in Spain. We discuss how you can prepare your home for rental, and how this can easily be arranged for homeowners from the Netherlands. We explain which systems we all work with, such as a property management system and a system that ensures dynamic prices, so that we can guarantee the highest possible return for our customers. In addition, we tell you what an average working day looks like for a property manager and what matters must be taken into account. In addition, we tell you what Turnkey del Sol’s method of working is in this process, and which matters and additional services we can all take care of for homeowners. If, after listening to the podcast, you still have questions about property management or renting out your home, please contact us at info@turnkeydelsol.com.

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