#8 The big differences between the real estate market in the Costa del Sol and Ibiza

In this podcast from real estate agency Turnkey del Sol, Peter Bechay, founder of the company, talks to Louise de Haan. After a career of 6 years in Ibiza, Louise de Haan recently started as a property manager at Turnkey del Sol. In this podcast we first discuss Louise’s story; why did she take the step to move to Spain and how did she like it? How was life in Ibiza? But above all: why did she choose to move to mainland Spain after several years of living and working in Ibiza? Then the differences between the Costa del Sol are discussed and we discuss the advantages of the Costa del Sol compared to Ibiza. Did you know, for example, that hardly any apartments are rented in Ibiza, while this market on the Costa del Sol is booming? All in all, this is a super fun podcast for anyone who likes to learn more about the differences between regions in Spain. If you have any questions after listening to the podcast, please contact us at info@turnkeydelsol.com. Don’t forget to subscribe and we’d love to see you on the next podcast. And do you have any questions you would like answered? Let us know!

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