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Decorating a home remotely is challenging. Even if you’re physically present in Spain, you’ll often encounter setbacks, delayed deliveries, and other stress-inducing factors. At Turnkey del Sol, we believe it’s crucial for the home-buying experience to be enjoyable. That’s why we’ve introduced our ‘interior styling & furniture package.’ What are the major benefits?

The benefits

By opting for our interior package, you not only save money but, more importantly, a lot of time. Time is precious, and we believe it’s essential that you spend the time in your home in Spain primarily enjoying it. Leave the rest to us!
With the interior styling plans from Kelly, the interior is perfectly tailored to your taste, without you having to spend a lot of time on it or gather all the components yourself.
We not only ensure that the furniture is selected and delivered, but also all the assembly and placement of the furniture is taken care of for you!
Save on rent when you come to furnish yourself (since the new home is not yet furnished). Your property isn’t immediately livable, of course. If you spend weeks on the interior yourself, you’ll also incur costs for renting another property. With this package, that’s not necessary!
You don’t have to come to Spain yourself to coordinate all deliveries, accept packages, scour shops, and assemble furniture.
If something breaks on the furniture or accessories, we ensure that it is resolved as quickly as possible with the supplier. This way, you don’t have to deal with Spanish companies yourself, and we make sure that your product is quickly replaced or repaired.

“From the most efficient layout to the final placement of the selected furniture in the property, we take care of all the worries for you.”

Package A

A powerful foundation

€ 2,000 excluding VAT.

  • Kick-off meeting
    In a session of 1.5-2 hours, we discuss all specific desires and needs. The session can take place at our office in Zaandam or within a radius of 80km if preferred.
  • Action plan
    The action plan includes mood boards, layout floor plans, a few 3D sketches, and a comprehensive furniture and accessory proposal.
  • Design presentation
    During the physical presentation, we discuss the concrete action plan. This way, it becomes clear at a glance how your Spanish home will look and, even more importantly, how you’ll achieve it. No more decision stress, doubts, or other inconveniences. Your Spanish interior is within reach.

Package B.

Full-service support

€ 4,000 excluding VAT.

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Action plan
  • Design presentation
  • Personal shopper
    Excited about the furniture and accessories from the plan? We handle the ordering process, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Implementation
    We also take care of the delivery and assembly of the furniture and accessories for you. This way, when you arrive in Spain, you’ll find the property fully furnished, without spending any (travel) time on it.

This is Kelly

To bring the interior design and furniture packages of your dream home to life, Turnkey del Sol collaborates with Kelly Olman. Kelly is the founder of Kelly Interior Design, and her goal is to create an experience with an interior that inspires, brings tranquility, and yet is powerful. That is the vision of Kelly Interior Design. With her interior designs, she imbues spaces with the right energy. Because you deserve an environment that suits you! Of course, we also ensure that the property is suitable for rental, if desired.

“I help you discover what makes you happy and brings you joy. I provide insight and clarity into your desires, needs, and goals for a space. In a way that keeps the process light, enjoyable, and breezy. Together, we transition from a rough dream to an inspiring and tangible end result.”

– Kelly Olman

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