Rental prices on the Costa del Sol

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Written byDaisy Wouters

Rental prices on the Costa del Sol are going through a critical moment. Prices are shooting up and there is less and less supply in the face of high demand. Malaga province has positioned itself as one of the places with the highest price, with an increase in February of 22.8% that places the average value of flats at 12.98 euros per square meter. Estepona is the town that tops the whole country with the largest increase in rental price.

Estepona is the town with the highest increase in all of Spain in February at 40.8%. Fuengirola (29.8%), Torremolinos (28.7%), the city of Malaga (23%) and Marbella (20.2%). Prices per square meter Marbella has a value of 15.56 euros per meter per month; Estepona, 14.77; Torremolinos, 14.35; Fuengirola, 13.48; Benalmádena, 13.30; Málaga city, 13.22; and Mijas, 12.63 euros

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