Spanish government publishes summer time regulation dates until 2026 but what about abolition?

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Spanish government publishes Daylight Saving Time dates until 2026 but what about abolition?

Remember, in 2019 a European poll was conducted in which the vast majority were found to be in favor of abolishing daylight saving time. But no decision was made by the European Parliament at that time, something that should happen in 2021. But the corona pandemic has ensured that no one is talking about that abolition anymore. Indeed, just recently the Spanish government reported in the Official Gazette BOE summer time regulation dates through 2026.

It seemed so nice, daylight saving time had to end and so we would no longer have to change the clock twice a year, once an hour back and once an hour forward. But since that was discussed in the European Union nothing has been heard of the plans to abolish daylight saving time.

That means that in 2023, on the weekend of March 26-27, the clock will simply have to be moved forward another hour, from 2 to 3 hours. Daylight saving time will end on the night of Oct. 29-30 when the clock will again go back one hour, from 3 to 2 hours

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