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Recently, a large red line has been visible on the middle of several Spanish roads. The line has been painted on several roads in Spain including the A-355 in Malaga province, off Coín toward Marbella. It is the first in Andalusia, but more may be placed on other more dangerous roads in the region. Similar measures have also been taken in other Spanish regions.

The purpose of the big red line is to reduce as much as possible the number of accidents and fatalities on this road, where overtaking is particularly dangerous. Previously, the A-355 in the province of Málaga had a double continuous line indicating that overtaking was prohibited on this four-kilometer stretch of road. Despite this prohibition, there was a high number of accidents at this location last year. That is why the new red line was installed.

The red line has the same rules as the double white solid line, but this distinctive color emphasizes the overtaking ban and (hopefully) encourages a reduction in speed. It is always important to follow the traffic rules, but with a red line such as this one, one must be extra careful, both because of the danger the line indicates and because it is a route that will be honor guarded and thus prone to fines.

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